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“Your only given a little spark of madness. You mustn’t lose it.”-Robin Williams

The confirmed diagnosis. I had a major depressive disorder diagnosis, for about 2 years before it changed. I was of course on medication and waiting for it to help with my chaotic mind.  It helped a bit, but not enough to change my quality of life. I still had extreme lows and extreme highs, at the time however I hadn’t noticed it.  When I finally question my diagnosis was when my mind went back to all my  ups and lows. There where days, weeks, or even months sometimes where I could work like a mad women. Sometimes working 7 nights in a row a week, plus crocheting, coloring, watching every binge worthy show in sight and still manage to stay up with my son till 5pm, pick up kids at school and feed them. Of course, the higher the high, the lower the low. Super mommy eventually burned out, there where days where it hurt to get out of bed, and it didn’t help that I felt guilty with my kids for always being tired. Often I would push through on no sleep and run around Disneyland with them, or we would drive anywhere just to eat good food, or sometimes even the beach. My highs where fun not just for me Continue reading “BIPOLAR 1”

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Thanks for joining me!

I’m both; introvert and extrovert. I like people but I need to be alone. I’ll go out, vibe, and meet new people but it has an expiration, because I have to recharge. If I don’t find the valuable time I need to recharge I cannot be my highest self.”-Sylvester McNutt III

Growing up, I never imagined that there was anyone else that felt the same way I did. I didn’t understand why, one minute I loved people around me like family, friends and people I loved, and want nothing to do with them, the next minute. It took me stopping (or life forcing me to stop) and look at myself and try my best to understand just who I am. In the process, I realized a few things that I now don’t let defined me but have definitely decided that  I will do all I can to live my best life, by learning to live with what my highest power has given me, and taking it as a blessing rather than a curse. I am an empath, and ambivert, living with Bipolar 1 disorder. This is my progress, what I have learned and will learn along the way. I’m far from perfect but if this will help someone and help me meet people and hear stories of others that are like me, It will be all I ask for.